Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Fitbit Anymore

Just a quick note regarding fitbit. I have one. It works great. Excellent product. But unfortunately Fitbit has decided to not integrate with HealthKit. iOS is fitbits largest market, so the decision is very strange. Health kit is a integral part of iOS. Therefore this is essentially Fitbit saying we don't support ios anymore. My guess is they are up for an acquisition or looking for one. I've spoken to a few devs and founders in the health space and although many are annoyed at how healthkit…...


2 years ago I began work on a note taking app as a side project. Recently I've been putting a lot more work into it and it's launch is just around the corner. I wanted to give a quick run down on what Tinynote is and what makes it different. A Timeline of Notes Ever feel like your note taking app is full of clutter? Designing tinynote, my number one goal was making sure you NEVER asked yourself the question: "should I jot this down?" Tinynote, wants you to jot everything down. There is no two…...

Missing Your Yahoo Bookmarks?

So Yahoo shutdown their web based bookmarking tool. If you want your bookmarks back, you're going to have to install the Yahoo Toolbar. Which is kinda a useless solution as it will only work on desktop browsers. Too bad if you want to your bookmarks on your mobile. Solution? You should be using saved.io - it works in any browser. Your bookmarks are stored in the cloud so you can use different devices and still have access. And there is no toolbar, app, extension, addon software needed....

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